Seduction is an important tool in the creation and realization of my sculptures—from the concept and image, to the choice of materials and the construction process. Though we can live in our minds, as an animal the physical is vastly more exciting—arousing our urges, hijacking our minds, and generating obsessive thoughts and questions. How do essential instincts govern our actions? What makes us behave in a certain way? How do we make decisions? How do instincts affect these decisions and how do these impulses relate to the instincts of other animals? I explore these questions by meticulously researching real and recorded imagery of animals and people at their most primal. What emerges from this research are life-size sculptures that I form through the process of constructing armatures; fleshing them out with massive amounts of archival tape and newspaper; and finishing with a violent application of graphite markings and taped lines.

I started creating sculptures using newspaper, tape and graphite more than ten years ago after searching for basic materials that are as primal as my subject matter. These familiar, cheap and easily malleable materials allow me to work with a sense of immediacy that is enhanced with the glass eyes—hand-painted in Germany to look like my eyes—that are inset in each piece. The contrasting relationship between the explicative figure, the glass eyes, and the intuitive application of graphite markings and taped lines enhances the visceral expression of my sculptures and conveys the intensity and urgency of instinctual behavior that is both arousing and transformative.